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Mykoplant® 100 BT – 10L bucket

159,95 inkl. MwSt.
Mykoplant ® 100-BT granules is a natural product based on VA mycorrhiza. Mykoplant ® 100-BT is free of phytopathogens, weed seeds and nematodes, as well as toxic heavy metals.  Mykoplant ® 100-BT applications are under nutrient-poor soil conditions, extreme temperatures, drought for crop production particularly advantageous. 

Mykoplant® 100 BT-H – 10L bucket

179,95 inkl. MwSt.
Mykoplant ® 100-BT-H is a pure natural granular humus product, based on VAMykorrhiza, fungal hyphae (fungal spores anddry hyphae). And special expanded clay granules as a carrier system, in addition to natural nutrient component and purelybiological micronutrients. Mykoplant 100-BTH is free of phytopathogens, weed seeds and nematodes, as well as toxic heavy metals.