Mykoplant® 100 BTH is on the FiBL-list of agents allowed for use in the ecological agriculture.

We have had a very good experience using Mykoplant® 100products especially in ecological viniculture.

This agricultural area is at its most depending on the healthy relationship between ecology and economy. The end product – the wine – should be in any case in line with market requirements, and accepted by the customer in terms of both quality, taste and price.

And more than any other agricultural area, viniculture is highly dependent on the quality of the soil, the so called “terroir”, the right amount of rain to the right point in time and the microclimate in the vineyard, which has to suit the type of vine. So every vintner has to be reasonably prudent while choosing the type of vine for new plantations. Other than in the grain farming, here one makes a decision only once for tens of years.

The decision to use Mykoplant® 100products in vineyard is also a decision for the future. The symbiosis between soil fungi and the vine is for a life time. As long as the vine lives, lives the fungus in a symbiosis with vine. That means, you have to inoculate the vine with soil fungus only once. The perfect time would be in autumn after vintage. After that it is enough to give another half of a doses every three to five years in order to refresh the inoculation.


[headline]The Effect[/headline]

One of the positive effects of mycorrhiza is plants’ fast taking strong roots. The vine reaches faster the stage where it bears grapes. The vine produces more biomass, means more shoots and leaves. The number of grapes as well as the number of berries on the grapes grow higher. The one who think it would happen on account of taste we can reassure – Mykoplant® 100-products support the vine also in production of flavours. So, if you thin out after mycorrhization as usual, you will still have higher amounts of output with higher quality of product. The symbiosis of vine root system with beneficial fungi also results in higher resistance of vine against harmful fungi, even against those, which infest the foliage, such as mildew or rust, and also against other illnesses and parasites.


[headline]Dosage and Usage[/headline]

The dosage depends on the age of vine and on the volume of the existing root system. The following rule of the thumb is valid here: the older the vine the more holes you have to bore into the soil towards the roots in order to inoculate the vine completely.

Let ca 30-40 ml trickle into each hole to the root system. 40 ml for each new plant.

Give Mykoplant® 100-granules directly into the plant hole. Put young plant into it, press it into the hole, water it – done!

Whether Mykoplant® 100 BT or Mykoplant® 100 BTH the right choice for your vineyard is, depends essentially on the quality of the soil.

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[headline]Mykoplant® 100 BTH is on the FiBL-list of agents allowed for use in the ecological agriculture.[/headline]