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The product family Mykoplant® 100 is a result of a long-term research work – originating from the research assignments promoted by Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 1998


(promoted research project Nr.: 0339681)

The Development of a Plant Aid Containing Mycorrhizae, as well as Mycorrhization of Plants for the aims of Recultivation of Devastated Areas


(promoted research project Nr.: 0339748/9)

The Use of a New Mycorrhizae Containing  Soil Aid, as well as Mycorrhization of Plants for the Aim of Restoration and Ecological Landscaping of the Brown Coal Open-cut Mining in the new Bundeslands

are not only excellent results. Moreover, science has got an evidence that mycorrhizae have an intensively positive influence on the growth of plants and on their yield and output. Further developments have resulted in a mature, high efficient and easy to use products – the Mykoplant® 100products!

One of the permanent features of our philosophy is and always will be the effort to follow the rapid development of the technical possibilities in order to understand better the biochemical processes in plants, use them and make them open to the public in form of biologically pure products.