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The Mykoplant® 100-products are also very interesting for the private use!

Not only market gardeners, but more and more hobby gardeners, who are keen on plants, use our products.

Wellness and a healthy diet especially based on biological products is nowadays a growing trend. On the one side, the trust in the victuals produced industrially fades. On the other, bio victuals are still not affordable for everybody. That is why the segment of people who provide victuals for themselves is growing. The wish to know more about the process of production is the reason why more and more people try and grow their fruit and vegetables on their own. 

It is very important for us here to explain the principle “Mycorrhiza”. The principle that has already been existing in nature since over 500 million years. It is a symbiosis between ca. 90% of all sorts of plants and soil fungi. No flora and no fauna would exist on Earth without mycorrhizae, let alone the people.

Mycorrhizae improve transportation of water and important nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus from soil towards the plant roots, which otherwise would have been inaccessible for the fine root system of the plant. To fulfil this function, soil fungi build their own root net called “mycelium”. It represents a bond between plant roots and fungi. The plant root system extends and like a sponge accumulates more water. It allows for the plant to maintain its water resources even during dry periods. As an additional effect, production and release of nutrient salts improves. That is why one should abandon the use of further fertilisers containing phosphate and nitrogen in order to avoid any harm for soil and plants.

In response mycorrhizae receive from plants the essential carbohydrates produced through the photosynthesis. So, both parts profit from each other, although the profit on the plants’ part is a bit higher. It becomes clearly when we take a look at the output/harvest – blossom, fruit as well as the rest of the biomass. The tests prove this fact clearly. Plants are growing faster, grow strong and resistant against diseases.

Advantages of plants in mycorrhizal associations with Mykoplant® 100:

  • Plants‘ roots find way to the additional water and nutrients in the soil
  • Rationalization of water (up to 30%) and conventional fertilizers (up to 100%)
  • Accelerated growth
  • Natural plants protection due to the strong immune system
  • High crops with short developmental time
  • Prolonged blossoming time of ornamental plants – please see on this point the results on roses!
  • Strong natural flavours, especially in herbs, spices and herbs used for medicinal purposes
  • Stress factors, such as trees/plants being replanted, drought, nutrient deficiency is being easier overcome by plants with mycorrhizal associations