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[column place=”” width=”sixteen” custom_class=””][headline]Applications in agroforestry[/headline]

  • reforestation
  • bushes
  • embankment – planting of grass and trees
  • tending of the stock of trees
  • trees in unfavourable positions – in the cities, on the streets and avenues 

There are many various options for use of Mykoplant® 100-products in the agroforestry. Mycorrhizae contained in our products support forestry twice. At first, as a so called “soil builder”. At second, as a nutrient supplier. In order to receive positive effects in the process of cultivation and of plats’ taking roots, our products should be used on the problematical areas. Due to the soil erosion and landslide the mycorrhizae population contained in the soil is very often not enough to supply the nutrients. A purposeful input of Mykoplant® 100-products into the soil protects trees and bushes against the environmental influences. As a result, plants are growing faster and their root system is growing thicker.

The tests, among other, in the reforestation show clearly the positive effects of mycorrhizae. Plants that form mycorrhizal associations strike roots noticeably better than those which were not treated with mycorrhizae. Long-term measurements show additionally the positive influence of mycorrhizae on the soil climate. As a result, the use of Mykoplant® 100-products reduces the subsequent costs.

The effect of Mykoplant® 100-products is based on the beneficial soil fungi – mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae build a symbiosis with the plant root system, which improves nutrients supply and accelerates the minerals’ exchange. The penetration of fine plant roots into the soil causes the loosening of soil which in its turn increases its natural capacity to accumulate water. Additionally, glomalin, a product of metabolism of mycorrhizae, takes part in and increases the process of forming of crumbs. This improvement of the soil structure lets water seep through the soil easier.

For the sake of completeness, we would like to point out here that conifers and deciduous trees need different sorts of mycorrhizae.

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