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  • Cereal agriculture (wheat, barley, sweet corn, rye, spelt, kamut, emmer, etc.)
  • Legumes (soya etc.)
  • Energy crops (maize etc.)
  • Patches of grass (rolled turf production, revitalization of pasture etc.)
  • Hops, herbs and spices
  • Fruit-growing and market gardening
  • Winegrowing / viniculture

The reality


The intensive farming has a negative impact on the soil structure and the microorganisms living within the soil. Moreover, nutrient poor soils are being very often overflooded with chemical fertilisers and soil conditioners. This damages not only the soil but also ground water. A complete recovery of soil is measured over a geological time scale. Which means that the number of areas that can be used for agriculture are restricted. As a result, to produce provisions now we have to use the areas which are not that appropriate. These conditions provide a challenge for an economic efficiency of farming units with well-known consequences.


As a biologic component, Mykoplant® 100 BT supports the balance in the soil. Furthermore, due to the symbiosis between plant’s roots and mycorrhiza the plant can more easily reach to the primary and secondary nutrients content in the soil.


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Mykoplant® 100 BTH contains a specially fermented natural grape marc and acts biologically in the soils with missing nutrient content. Due to the combination of mycorrhiza and microelements bound to humus more plants can strike roots better and the process of restoration of soil goes faster. As a result, we receive a sustainable and proper soil climate


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Mykoplant® 100 CEREAL provides for increase of corn yields and the biomass of cereals, legumes and some selected cultivated plants, which allows to optimize the cost-value relationship. The use of Mykoplant® 100 CEREAL results in high survival rates and improved growth indicators of almost all cultivated plants, such as vegetables, citrus fruits, cereals and legumes – especially sweet corn, wheat, millet, barley, oats, as well as soy, rape, beans, broad bean, peas and chickpea


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Mykoplant® 100 CEREAL has a special formulation, appropriate for these plants. It is an endo mycorrhiza inoculum in form of powder, soluble in water. This product can be used both in a special machine for seeds’ treatment, or in irrigation systems. Alternatively, it can also be used to inoculate the soil before bedding out the plants or planting seeds.

The product contains highly effective mycorrhizae, which are able to quickly colonize root systems of many sorts of plants. This colonization process influences positively plant’s growth and provides for higher intake of water and nutrients.

Mycorrhizae are supplemented with beneficial bacteria, folic acids as well as soluble algae and yucca extracts, which improve the roots’ growth. This combination fixes nitrogen and releases the bound nutrients inaccessible for plants. The natural component accumulating water accomplishes the product.

Mykoplant® CEREAL is a high-tech product. The spores of mycorrhiza are produced in-vitro. It has many advantages. First of all, there is no danger of unwanted micro-organisms getting into the product. Secondly, there is no way for the spores to become lumpy. The latter allows for a uniform distribution of inoculum over the plants or seeds. According to EG-Öko-Durchführungs-VO 889/2008 Art. 3(4) is Mykoplant® CEREAL allowed to be used in the ecological agriculture and farming.

Please contact us for a detailed information in terms of your specific request!

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