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[column place=”” width=”sixteen” custom_class=””]The range of Mykoplant® 100-products for use in agriculture and forestry, as well as gardening and landscaping meet the highest claims for purity and quality. This range is usable for any of customised solutions.


According to the German regulation governing the usage of fertilizers our Mykoplant® 100-products belong to the group of soil conditioners. The effect of strengthening the plant dealt with here is exclusively the secondary impact resulting out of the improved supply of plants with water and nutrients. The resistance of plants, their improved immunity, especially to fungal infections, is, on one hand, the result of improved water and nutrients supply. On the other, it is due to the mycorrhizal association originating from the use of Mykoplant® 100 that plants obviously build sort of antibodies to other fungal infections too, similar to antibodies that a man’s body builds after a tetanus vaccination, for example. This fact absolutely doesn’t mean that plants that form mycorrhizal associations are basically immune against diseases. Nevertheless, plants treated with Mykoplant® 100 are rarely attacked by fungal infections. Although mycorrhiza is a fungus living within the soil, our customers using Mykoplant® 100 watch this effect also spreading on the fungal infections attacking the foliage.

The positive impacts on plants’ health described here are the secondary effects of mycorrhizal associations of plants with Mykoplant® 100-products. Therefore we would like to point out that our Mykoplant® 100-products are no soil conditioners in the sense of Plant Protection Act.


[headline] Applications[/headline]

Zu den vielseitigen Anwendungsbereichen gehören​

  • Agriculture
  • Agroforestry
  • Garden
  • Private / Garden
  • Sports Grounds
  • Golf Course
  • Land Restoration
  • Restoration
  • Combating soil erosion
  • Science 
  • Winegrowing / viniculture

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​Die Mykolife GmbH bietet ausgereifte und in der Praxis wirkungsvolle biologische Bodenhilfsstoffe zur Anregung des Pflanzenwachstums, der Ertragssteigerung und der Renaturierung des Bodens. Durch die Anwendung unserer Produkte wird der Einsatz von konvetionellen Dünge- und Pflanzenschutzmitteln reduziert.

produkt_mykolife_mykoplant_100_btMykoplant® 100-BT
– aktive Mykorrhiza-Pilze auf anorganischem Blähten-

Expended clay granule 2 –4 mm 

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produkt_mykolife_mykoplant_100_bt_hMykoplant® 100-BT-H -Mykoplant® 100 BTH contains a specially fermented natural grape marc and acts biologically in the soils with missing nutrient content.

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produkt_mykolife_mykoplant_100_cerealMykoplant® 100 Cereal –It is an endo mycorrhiza inoculum in form of powder, soluble in water. This product can be used both in a special machine for seeds’ treatment

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Mykoplant products intensify growth of plants, increase the biomass and water intake and streghten the plants immune system. Mykoplant works with over 85% of all land plants. Especially in organic and conventional agriculture, much higher yield may be achieved when using Mykoplant while reducing the amount of regular fertilizers and pesticides.


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Mykorrhiza – The nature on work!

Mykoplant® is based on the natural soil fungi that enter a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots. Mycorrhiza. This deliberate win-win-association enables the plant to extend its roots network considerably. Thus main as well as secondary nutrients “locked up” in the soil become available to the plant. Mycorrhiza regulates the water and nutrient balance of the plant and additionally activates the soil life. All these changes provide for strong plants resistant to the illnesses, which even in extreme weather conditions produce high yields.

Mykoplant® help your plants to recover and help themselves!


Approved for organic farming according to EU-Eco-implementing Regulation 889/2008 Article 3 (4)