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About us

Mykolife GmbH operates in the field of biological soil conditioners based on mycorrhiza as a provider of customised solutions for the wide range of use for agriculture. The results of an integrated research work build up our strong points which we use to provide the agriculture, forestry, hobby gardening and many other application fields with customised solutions.

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Advantages of Mykoplant® 100

Crops growth
Accelerated growth
Improvement of plant quality
Natural plant protection

Historically grown together

The retrospection on the phenomenon of mycorrhiza shows us more than 10 years of basic research work. A federal research assignment gave an opportunity to prepare mycorrhizae for the economical use. The assignment resulted in a branded product Mykoplant® 100. Till 2004 this product went through the stages of test usage and the first practical usage by the following companionships: Mykoplant Companionship for Garden and Landscape Design GmbH, and till 2011 by Mykoplant Biotechnology AG, and passed with flying colours. 2012 Mykolife GmbH emerged out of Mykoplant Biotech AG. Mykolife GmbH commercialized the products and created the premises for the production of a market relevant quantity of Mykoplant-products. We’ve developed innovative and practice-oriented strategies to bring our products to market. We try and offer our clients customised solutions for their specific demands.

Developing solutions together

Mykolife GmbH has a number of commercial representations and partners in different regions, so that we are able to best possible meet your wishes and complains, and integrate them into the further development of our products. We stay permanently in contact with our customers and implement their wishes in our new products or the new forms. The end user can find our innovative products at our partners’ in Germany and abroad.

Young Products for Grown Up Markets

The range of Mykoplant® 100-products for use in agriculture and forestry, as well as gardening and landscaping meet the highest claims for purity and quality. This range is usable for any of customised solutions. Stored the same way, products can also be used for the restoration of land. Our main idea is to produce and provide our customers with highly qualitative products. That is why we pay great attention to the quality assurance throughout all stages of production.

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